3 million Ipad mini and 4th Gen Ipad sold this weekend

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The numbers are out, Apple just announced that new iPad mini and 4th gen iPad just sold 3 million units which were announced last Oct 23. The Ipad mini have been rumored since last year and was released despite the D.O.A. comment of the late Steve Jobs regarding 7-inches tablets.

The iPad mini and 4th Gen iPad became available last November 2 and it appears that the sales was somewhat affected by Hurricane Sandy, since line at Apple Store in New York Store are not as long as they usually are. However demand for the iPad mini from other parts of the world appeared to be high and translating into sales, like what Yugatech mentioned from his post “Most of the Apple Reseller stores in the city had ran out of stocks that same morning (local reports came that stocks of the iPad Mini ran out as early as 30 to 45 minutes from store opening).” and was almost got scam.

And to put these sales figure into perspective; iPhone 5 sold 5 million units in it first weekend sales; the “new” ipad 3 million on the first weekend sales; Nexus 7 is 1 million a month; Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sold 3 million units in a month and it’s younger sibling the Galaxy S3 sold 30 million in 5 months. What’s not clear is the break down as to how many 4th Gen iPad was sold against the number of iPad minis but that does not if you going to shop for a new tablet?

Last modified: November 5, 2012

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