ARARO, IsWater, Envilog and Binhi — winners of the first IRRI and SMART BIGAS Hackathon

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Last weekend was the very first IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) and SMART Bigas Hackathon, where developers are asked to create a web service or app that will enhance the impact of IRRI technologies especially in their delivery to farmers.

After 2-days of hacking and coding 4 team emerge as the winner for their respective category namely; the best game app, best research data collection app, most innovative (app) and at the same time will get the Special IRRI Award.

And the winners are…

The best game app – ARARO with members (photo above) Bryan Bibat and Alvin Edward Chan.

The ARARO app is a web app port of Ricegrow a rice growing simulation program. Where at first given a Php100,000.00 and 3.0 hectares of farmland and as the days or weeks goes by you will be ask to perform some task in order to grow your farm as well as your rice.

The game uses real world data like the cost of renting a carabao or tractor for plowing or the actual price when buying rice seedlings. You can also go to if you want to checkout game play. 🙂

The best research data collection app – ISWater App by Team Love Team (photo above) – it’s should be self-explanatory what the app does but if you want to see it in action then checkout the demo below.

The best farmer info-tech app – Binhi by Team Libra (photo above) composed of Joan Antonette Bautista, Jason-Bourne Escolano Manzala, John Louis Perez, and Raymond Balingit. Binhi is a Mobile Rice Variety Picker app that helps farmers in choosing the most suitable variety on factors like season, irrigation, type, etc.

Most innovative app/Special IRRI Award – Envilog by PhilRobotics A Team (photo above); composed of Franklin Binos II, Richard Myrick Arelaga, Johnaray Dimaunahan, and Wayne Dell Manuel.

Envilog is a stand-alone temperature and humidity sensor with real-time GSM-based data sending and offline data collection and web-based visualization.

To know how and why they’re the most innovative app, you can watch their demo below.

It’s great to see organization like IRRI (International Rice Research Institute) and Smart to conduct an event like the IRRI and SMART BIGAS Hackathon, this not only show how good Filipinos are in coding and creating apps, it also shows the level of innovation that Filipinos can achieve.

The next Hackathon will be the Eden Hackathon Benilde presented by SMARTDevNet & DevCon. So for those who are interested to just join, just click here.

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Last modified: November 13, 2012

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