What kids nowadays want to have for Christmas

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Ever asked your kid what they wanted this Christmas? was the answer a Bike, Lego Set, Drums, Doll house, Monopoly set, or anything within that bracket? or do they like something a little bit advanced like an iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Touchscreen Cellphone? If so, then you aren’t alone. Kids nowadays look forward to having devices and gadgets than they do look forward to the regular toys that kids use to ask for.

There has been a study made for US kids from about the ages 6-12 and what they would prefer to have this holiday season as a gift. Surprisingly, 4 out of 5 of the top choices belong to Apple. The iPad, iPod touch, iPad mini, and the iPhone. With only the Nintendo Wii U being the odd-one-out.

It looks like Apple has stole the U.S market against their competitors, with applications that vary from simple toddler level categories, to the Adult intellectual ones, the “i” surely has its grip on the U.S.

On a similar study done for ages 13 and up (this includes adults), it does state that:

“Among consumers aged 13 and older, tablets and full-sized computers were the top electronics choices, with roughly one in five indicating they want to acquire the iPad (vs. 24% last year), any other tablet, or a computer.  Reinforcing the notion that the tablet market is one to watch, non-Apple devices—lead by Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy offerings—proved nearly as desirable as the iPad among teens and adults, while e-readers showed a slight decline in interest from 2011.  Consumers 13 years and older were also interested in purchasing the Wii U, the iPhone and Internet-enabled TVs.”

Christmas is just around the corner and some shoppers have commenced their early Christmas shopping. Many stores are selling their products with great deals and discounts, and possibly many stores have booked a lot of “pre-ordered” units.

Be it any gadget from Apple or any manufacturer for that matter. Kids nowadays have advanced to the next level in terms of what they want for Christmas. Gone were the days where kids all over talk about their new bike and compare it with their neighbors, or invite their friends over to play with their doll house. Now we’d be seeing more and more kids calling friends over to test their new “Apps” on their spanking new (and pretty costly) gadget.

So, what does your kid want for Christmas? You might just want to go ahead and ask them now while you still have time to save up for it.

Last modified: November 22, 2012

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