Jetpack 2.0 now available to Self-Hosted WordPress Sites

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Just upgraded my Jetpack plugin to 2.0 and it looks like Automattic has brought more features of Jetpack to self-hosted WordPress site owner.

You see, Jetpack is a plugin that incorporates cloud features to your self-hosted WordPress allowing you to use these features that are previously available only to bloggers. Jetpack also eliminate the need to install separate plugin.

To name some of the features that you can enjoy using Jetpack on your self-hosted WordPress; Stats, Contact Form, Shortlinks, Notifications, Publicize, Sharing, Spelling and Grammar and more. Now with version 2.0 Automattic added 4 new features like Post by Email, Publicize, Infinite Scroll and Photon.

Post by Email, Publicize and Infinite Scroll are pretty much self-explanatory and of all the 4 new features of Jetpack, Photon is the most interesting because it helps speed up your site by loading images in post and pages from the content delivery network. They (WordPress) do this by creating a cache of all our images then host them on there by reducing the work load of the server. Interesting right?

I’m enabling this feature and see how it will affect the site’s performance, specially when I’m write posts that requires a lot of photos and images. If you’re a regular reader, you can also tell me if you notice any changes by commenting below.

Last modified: November 9, 2012

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