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It’s a fact that commuting in Metro Manila or traveling in general is a very big problem. Even with all the traffic scheme that MMDA are implementing like the number coding and all the mass transit that we have like the bus, MRT, LRT, jeeps and FX the Metro Manila traffic is starting to be a burden to all commuters and travelers.

Now here comes and; are Filipino startups that are community based platform that will bring car-pooling in the Metro into the digital age and both are currently in Beta. screenshot soft-launched last October 17 and was founded by Michael Ngo Dee. According to it’s web site “Tripid is a web service that connects drivers and passengers going the same way. It aims to provide everyone with a means to find better ways to get around the Metro Manila by establishing a simple and collaborative open carpooling system.” screenshot

On the other hand, was second place in last Startup Weekend Manila last April 2012 and was founded by Aldritch Anderson, Kimson Wong, Carlos Gavino and Mark Conde who became part of the team when he pitched a similar concept at the Startup Weekend Manila. “ is designed to be the easiest way to form and join carpools with like-minded folks. It’s not just about less cars, less congestion and less pollution, it’s about a safe and social experience that helps.”

Even though both site have a lot of similarities – heck I even mistook Tripid to be Ridefind while this post – I’m sure if a lot of people use and take advantage of or platform we may see an improvement in Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic.

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Last modified: November 20, 2012

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