Video: Microsoft’s latest IE 10 Ad

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The video (below) is the latest IE 10 video where Microsoft puts us in the perspective of a true troll and as TechCrunch puts it – “dual-screens, a windowless room, old take-out boxes, and a penchant for spewing hate anonymously — and this troll hates IE10 (and Internet Explorer on the whole) with vehemence.

The IE 10 Ad is a cleverly made, catchy tune and attention grabbing scene, you think that the video is about Microsoft/IE 10 outsmarting the troll — which of course unlikely to happen — but it’s more of a sign that Microsoft is putting more focus in developing and improving IE not just a web browser but more user experience and the things that we normally do not see like those things under the hood like; performance, IE on other device and support for current and “future” web standards.

IE may have lost its market share to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but with the IE 10 who knows we may see IE back to it’s dominant spot and at the same time win convert a few user a long the way. If you want to tryout IE 10, you can download the preview for Windows 7 here.

Last modified: November 30, 2012

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