Microsoft sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses in 1 month: Impressive or not?

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With 40 million licenses sold in a month, there’s no wonder that more PC users are hooked with Microsoft’s latest operating system!

Windows 8 sold 40 million in 1 month

Microsoft may recently have a sweet toast for the quite success of the company’s latest flagship operating system, Windows 8. As reported, Windows 8 just reached 40 million users worldwide since its release last month and it continues to reach more customers buying PCs or tablets powered by the said OS.

Corporate Vice President and Chief Financial Officer and Chief Marketing Officer for Windows, Tami Reller, shared today during the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference:

“The journey is just beginning, but I am pleased to announce today that we have sold 40 million Windows 8 licenses so far.”

But the pace of Windows 8 in terms of propagating across users around the world may sought to be just in normal and not that remarkable. A flashback to last year’s release of its predecessor OS, Windows 7 hints that during the same pace or span of time, it was estimated to have been sold the same number of licenses worldwide.

Peter Bright explained at Ars, that Microsoft’s reported figure can be due to the following factors: 1) The difference between the number of copies sold to retailers and OEMs and the number of copies sold to end-users. He stressed that the first number is higher most of the time while it is or it should be the latter’s number that is more important because it explains the interest of ‘real’ customers. 2) upgrading to Windows 8 is relatively cheaper at $39.99 only than upgrading to Windows 7 before at the lowest price of $80 and 3) There are a lot of customers hooked up into the new Microsoft app market which reported some apps reaching millions of downloads but there’s no exact figure reported yet of how well is the Surface sale does since its release.

In other words while 40 million can be a really huge number, it definitely doesn’t represent the whole number that has interest in using Windows 8. Many of them, including myself, still love to use Windows 7!

Are you a Windows 8 user already? Let me know what’s your most awesome windows 8 experience!

Last modified: November 28, 2012

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