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snapchatSnapChat, a popular photo (and now video) messaging app that allows you to send a photo or video to other snapchat users. Snapchat is not your common photo and video sharing/messaging app, since it has a timer that you can set from 1-10 seconds, so that the media that you sent will self destruct ala “Mission Impossible” once its been received and open.

Since its release last September 2011, Snapchat become a popular app amongst teens, already sending more than a billion snaps and the top free photo app beating instagram and second only to Youtube, since Snapchat gives the user the security that any ugly and “indecent” photo/videos that you’ll be sending to the internet will automatically be deleted without a trace. Now that same security will also be available to the video that you’ll be snapping.

To take a photo using Snapchat, you just have to tap the center “record” circle and just hold it down to record a video and it will stop recording once you remove your finger off the button, the process is simple and intuitive than adding another button to switch from photo to video mode.

SnapChat is available to both iOS and Android users, while the video recording feature is only available to iOS version, Android users can however receive and watch video snaps.

Source: Snapchat blog

Last modified: December 15, 2012