Facebook intro a SnapChat clone — “Poke”

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It looks like Facebook does not want SnapChat to grow into another Instagram, so they’ve created their own photo and video messaging app that will – like Snapchat – self destruct. The similarity doesn’t just end with the auto-deleting message and like SnapChat, you can set specific time as to how long your friends can view or watch message.

Also like Snapchat, you will need to hold-down on the Poke button in order to view and read the message until the time expires. But unlike SnapChat, Facebook has the userbase that will make Snapchat userbase look like a spec of dust.

Even though Facebook’s Poke is only available for iOS, Android version of Poke can’t be far behind.

Source: Facebook

Last modified: December 22, 2012

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Facebook intro a SnapChat clone — “Poke”

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