Psy versus Bieber go to battle on Youtube!

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“Oppa Gangnam Style” or “Bieber fever”, Who would win the battle of online popularity? The cute blonde boy that is backed up by a heavyweight R&B artist and could sing his lungs out, or an Asian rapper who has popularized the “horse dance” while sporting a tux and some Ray-bans?

In this day and time of social media and networking, the world has come to a new way on analyzing trends, there’s Twitter, Facebook, Google, and then there’s Youtube. Most of what gets popular really quick either go into these mediums to gain viewing traffic. From little animals doing weird tricks and getting dubbed by humans, to an aspiring young kid that wants to be a singer one day but just can’t get the reputation points needed to gain a big audience. either way, Youtube, has become one of the best sites to check out many things that we need to see to believe.

It was a little while back when Justin Bieber became popular from just being a simple boy with a voice, fast forward a bit, he now has (as of writing) 813,875,263 views. It took about 2 years and Bieber’s fever has quelled. Now we then take a look into a new video that has (according to Youtube) has a whopping 1,022,774,550 views in just 5 months. Where this will lead to we never know. But definitely,”Gangnam style” really is living up to it’s name.

According to an online infographic, of 3 categories:

1. Social Media Exposure, 2. Celebrity support, 3. Staying Power/Strength of fandom, Psy Leads in the first 2 categories, and gets  a rating of A+ versus Biebers A. Then of course the staying power is something we’d have to wait and see the results for further, as Bieber leads that on with a rating of A+ versus Psy’s B.

To read about the story and head to head battle further, check it out here.

watching both videos give you an entertaining experience (though you’d really not understand Psy as the song is in Korean unless of course you know Korean) that’s worth viewing. but from a personal opinion, Psy is going to nail this against Bieber as his dance moves and bubbly humor is evident in the videos compared to the dance-to-the-music “Baby” video. But if we dissect them further depending on why these videos are the “most viewed”, that’s because of the hype that everyone gave them when they were just entering the Youtube scene

Watch the videos if you’d also want to judge for yourself who hails to win the battle:

Gangnam Style

Baby ft. Ludacris

Last modified: December 23, 2012

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