Redesigned Itunes 11 Now Available and Quick Review

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During the Sept. 12, iPhone 5 event at Apple gave us a sneak peek of the new Itune 11 and after being delay for a month (Apple said it will be available on October), it’s now here.

Apple have redesigned not just the look but also the feel of iTunes 11, but most importantly overhauled a number of features to be the forefront on how you obtain, manage and consume media (movies, TV shows, music, books and apps) on your iDevices.

After upgrading to Itune 11, the first thing you’ll notice is the new itune icon that’s sitting on your desktop. I love the new edge-to-edge design of iTunes 11 including the iTunes Store — it’s more of a visual approach and high-lights the different content at the top area plus it makes it easier to discover new contents.

Probably the most significant enhancement that Apple made with the new Itune is the deep iCloud integration and the “Play purchases from iCloud”, it allows you to play the music, movie, and TV show that you purchased directly from iCloud without the need to download it on your device, of course if you need to sync or copy it to your other idevice, you need to download them locally.

Itunes 11 on MiniPlayer with Up Next

Apple also made major changes and added a few features to the player and on how you consume your media on your desktop; MiniPlayer – you can drastically resize itunes to while listening to your music library which is great while working on something else; Up Next – where you can see which songs are playing next, You can even reorder, add, or skip songs that you don’t like; Search – allows you to search your entire library and allows you to either play it immediately, add it to “Up next” even those media that you have in icloud.

All three features are great for people who have a lot of media in their library, most specially the Search and Up next, which of course allows you to easily locate your favorite music and create your own playlist.

Another notable feature is the Playback syncing which is similar to that feature of your DVD player where it remembers where you left off a movie or TV show that you’re watching the difference is that this feature are from videos are uploaded on iCloud and it’ll remember the video that you’re watching on your iPad, then continue exactly where you left off on your other iDevices or Apple TV.

The new Itune 11 is indeed a major upgrade and Apple’s first line of defense in this on going battle to control the cloud. If incase you have not downloaded Itunes 11 yet, you can download it here.

Last modified: December 1, 2012

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