Report: Facebook the Best Place to Work

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Facebook logoAccording to the yearly Glassdoor report, Facebook is the best place to work and bagging the 5th Annual Employees’ Choice Awards.

According to the report, even Interns are highly compensated. With a monthly salary of $1000 for Interns to $5000 for Software and Tech Interns, and the highest paid position at Facebook aside from being a Director is the Software Engineering position where an Engineer can earn $44,000 a year and as high as $200k.

It’s not surprising that Software Engineers are one of the highest paid employee at Facebook and even on other Tech companies, since they are the one who make sure that every thing is working as they should, solve problems and even build the next killer feature of Facebook.

So instead of spending 5 to 6 years in taking up Nursing, Software Engineer is the best way to make the bank and take home the big bacon, specially if you have the knack for hacking and developing world changing tech! 🙂

Last modified: December 15, 2012

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