Smart’s iPhone 5 Price Plan and still no info on LTE

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After publishing the Globe price plan for the iPhone 5, then I saw this tweet from Carlo Ople that the Smart plans for iPhone 5 is now available. It may be my fault that I saw the Globe page first or that I did not visit Smart’s web site while I was writing this but this tweet from Smart did made it look like that the info will only be available the next day (which is today).

Moving on, even though Globe was the first(?) to provide price plan info., Smart trying to beat Globe by providing drool worthy price and something that people won’t resists. The trump card here is Smart’s Plan 2499 where anyone you will avail of the said plan will get a zero cash out for the iPhone 5 32 GB model, wherein with Globe, you’ll be getting 16 GB model for the same plan. That’s double the capacity!

Like what they say “To each their own” right? No, if you combine that offer with Smart’s network coverage, then you have a killer offer. Visit here the complete Smart iPhone 5 Price Plan.

Here’s Smart’s iPhone 5 Price Plan at a glance.

Also like with Globe, missing from Smart’s price plan page is the info regarding the availability of the LTE 4G services in the Philippines and that further proves Carlo Ople’s point that the “iPhone 5 will not have LTE connectivity in the Philippines yet“, probably early next year?

If you’re looking for a price plan comparison, both Yugatech and Unbox posted they’re own price plan comparison.

If you’re gonna ask me, I’ll go for the Smart’s Plan 2499, because if I’m gonna be locked in for 24 months, then I’ll go with the better phone, even though Globe’s “Genius Offer” is tempting as hell.

Last modified: December 7, 2012

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Smart’s iPhone 5 Price Plan and still no info on LTE

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