Sony will no longer ship Playstation 2 in Japan

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First reported by Japanese site Famitsu, that Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) has stopped shipping the 2nd generation Playstation or popularly known as Playstation 2 (PS2), since December 28, 2012 and once the remaining stock have been sold, Sony will no longer sends replenishment to retail outlets in Japan.

Even though PS2 will no longer be shipping in Japan, Sony will still plans to continue marketing the gaming console in BRIC market segment (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and continue developing and selling games. Sony Playstation 2 have been in the market for more than 12 years now (released March 4, 2000), which is way beyond the usual 5 to 6 years life span of a gaming console.

Sony sold more than 155 million units for both the original and slim version. To put those 155 million into perspective; PS3 (PS2 successor) and Xbox 360 currently sold 70+ million units; the original Xbox less than 30 million units; and the Nintendo Wii sold 97 million units. This makes PS2 the best selling and most popular gaming console of all time.

So if you want to have a piece of gaming history, better grab a unit now since it won’t be long until Sony decided to globally stop shipping the gaming console.

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Last modified: December 29, 2012

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Sony will no longer ship Playstation 2 in Japan

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