defaced by Anonymous?

Written by | Business, Careers, Company, Internet, Philippines (@sulit) is not accessible since earlier this afternoon due to another hacking incident. The site is still not accessible as of this writing. hacked, displaying the homepage of hacked, displaying the homepage of (Photo Credit: Tristan Khalil)

I learned the incident through a Facebook status posted by Tristan, an online friend on the said Social Networking Site, where he also uploaded the photo above.

This hacking incident reminds me of what happened to Yugatech last October  where some cyberpunks attempted to vandal the site through a .htaccess hack wherein the homepage of the target site was replaced by a homepage of another (foreign) website. confirmed through a series of tweets on their official Twitter account that indeed a mild attack was made on their website.

Looking back at the photo above, it shows the title page “ROOTCON.ORG We are anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget.” I don’t see any reason though why Anonymous would do this to For those who don’t know Anonymous, they are a big group of hacktivists spread over the worldwide web who fight for the rights and practice of online users. They have been so much in the headlines lately especially in the Philippines when the Congress attempted to push the Philippine Anti-Cybercrime Bill. Numerous Government websites were hacked back then to send the message to stop the bill because they insist that it will kill the freedom of expression and right to privacy of the netizens.

I am not convinced that Anonymous is the one responsible for, as claimed, a relatively ‘simple’ attack. Anonymous always made it that a clear reason must be stated on the target website every time  they attempt to shut it down–which I don’t see in this incident.

Whoever the attacker is, there’s one clear thing that they’ve somehow proved to the world: is not implementing a high level of cyber security, despite that it is the number one local website in the country that an Anonymous wannabe would just be able to successfully execute the (again) relatively ‘simple’ attack. did not exactly confirm when the site will be up. But let’s hope it will be back soon. I have to make my wishlist!

Last modified: December 1, 2012

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    1. Abet Servillon says:

      Yes sir. That’s our follow up post for the incident.

    1. Yes sir. That’s our follow up post for the incident.

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