Study: 23% of Super Connected Consumers in the World are Asians

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super connected consumers  23 percent in the world of Social media savvy are Asians
When it comes to online activity, the Asia Pacific region is never left behind for becoming an active place where people connect with each other most of the time. At least, a new study revealed that among the world’s social media savvy people, 23 percent are Asians. This is according to the latest report released in Roper Reports Worldwide conducted by Gfk.

A huge respondents of 37,500, aged 15 and up across 25 countries, 8 countries of which are in Asia Pacific including China, India, Australia, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia and Thailand, are surveyed about their behaviors, attitudes and values across a range of topics.

Generally, it has been found out that there’s a relatively equal percentage of people by gender who are very active online.  Study said 1 in every 2 social media savvy is a female. The variation in number though starts to become evident when looking at specific country. For instance, there are more female social media savvy in Australia(59%) while there are more males in India(70%).

Anyway, these social media savvy people are technically referred to as super connected consumers because they’re so conscious about the use of the web and they consistently connect and engage to it through different channels–computers, mobile phones or social media.

Looking at the Asia Pacific region, Taiwan and South Korea set the country with highest percentage of super connected consumers at 37% and 24% respectively. If you know, these two countries have a very well-established internet infrastructure that internet activity is already embedded on the lives of the people. 45 percent of these super connected consumers in the region are adults (30 years old), half  of  them (54%) have a university or higher level of education while the other half (46%) have medium-high, or high income brackets. In addition, 48% of highly connected consumers in Asia Pacific are women.

Still in Asia Pacific, the Gfk Consumer Study findings include the behavioral approach  of these super connected consumers in engaging online. More than 28% of them are posting reviews and services they’ve engaged and 44% spend time reading reviews posted by others as part of their decision-making process.

According to Ms. Jodie Roberts, APAC Regional Director for Gfk Consumer Trends, They are witnessing an exciting type of super connected consumers who are more adept to the latest technology than they’ve seen before. These super connected consumers embrace technology and applies systems to network to expand relationship, as well as consult and express opinion on purchases, current events and political views.

This kind of behavioral approach online according to her has created an impact to business in a range of ways–because they’re formidable spender after all.

Ms. Roberts then concluded that it is imperative for businesses to look closely to these super connected consumers and learn how to engage to these new and exciting markets.

Last modified: December 9, 2012

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