Zeitgeist: Search Trends in the World 2012

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Google Zeitgeist 2012 landing pageIt’s almost year-end once again and what most of us probably do this time is ponder on things, events and other significant stuff we had and happened all throughout the previous months. As we glimpse from the past, we sometimes can’t help to tell ourselves “This is a an amazing year for me!” or “It’s the end of the world and yet I’ve no love life!” Although we just can’t remember some of the details that had happened.

If you already forgot some of your personal experiences this year, how much more if you go beyond your circle and include the world events, things and people that have brought significance to our lives? Maybe that’s too hard to ponder! But since we are in the digital age, looking back is just easy as flicking because almost everything significant are recorded!

Google’s latest Zeitgeist delivers the most comprehensive collection of top events, places, people, news, gadgets and everything under the sun that allows you go back the timeline and reflect what and who among of them have been trended and most searched about.

ZEITGEIST WORLD TRENDS: People, Things, News and Events that trended and most searched in the web

Whitney Houston is the personality that trended in most categories of Zeitgeist. Her name is on top of category Searches, People and Performing Artists. Many people have looked back to her after the news broke that the Guinness world’s most awarded female star was found dead inside her room in a hotel in California at the night of Grammy.

UK sensation and top boy band One Direction photos are the most searched in Google while Jeremy Lin is the most trending athlete.

Most search people, images and athletes on Google according to Zeitgeist 2012 (click to enlarge photo)

Most search people, images and athletes on Google according to Zeitgeist 2012 (click to enlarge image)

The Hurricane Sandy, the storm that shook America is the most trending event of 2012. Most trending movies this year are sci-fi and adventures of action heroes at the top of which is the story of Katnis’ struggle inside the modern gladiator arena as a tribute of the 12th District of Panem followed by Skyfall and Prometheus. In People category, again, Whitney Houston tops the list followed by the Royal Princess, Kate Middleton.

Google Zeitgeist 2012: Events, People and Movies

Meanwhile in other categories, the most trending gadgets under Consumer Electronics category are iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPad Mini. While hashtag SOPA (#SOPA) is the most trending in Google+.

See the complete list here.

Last modified: December 12, 2012

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