Fujifilm X20 and X100s Prematurely Announced!

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If you’ve been reading tech and gadgets blog, I’m sure you seen and read a lot of leak photos, info and rumors about Fujifilm’s soon to be announce X20 and X100s. However someone at Fujifilm office got trigger-finger and prematurely published the announcement and as of this posting has since been taken down and will probably appear again once it’s officially unveil during the 2013 CES tomorrow (or in 2 days’ time).

But fast-eye and fast-finger writers of FujiRumors.com were able to copy the full press release. So far here’s what the announcement is saying about the upcoming Fuji X20 and X100s.

Both the X20 and X100s have fast AF (AutoFocus), X20 clocks at 0.06s and X100s at a whopping speed of 0.08s. The X20 will be powered by a 12MP 2/3-in X-Trans CMOS II sensor with a EXR Processor II and a new Advanced Optical Viewfinder that matches your zoom. While the X100s will be using a 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and a EXR Processor II, capable of producing “high resolution images, comparable to those taken on full-frame sensors” – not bad right?

Also both camera will also feature “Focus Peak Highlight” that will help photographers manual focus by highlighting the area of the image currently in focus.

Another notable feature of X100s is the “Digital Split Image” feature, which Fuji explains will displays dual images on the left and right to be lined up for manual focusing, for accurate focusing especially when working with an open aperture or macro shooting.

The price and availability were not mentioned in the press release and considering that the 2013 CES is just a few snooze away, you can bet that Fuji will provide more info about these two drool-worthy camera. Also keep in mind that nothing is official until it’s official.

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Last modified: January 7, 2013

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Fujifilm X20 and X100s Prematurely Announced!

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