It’s not too late to Greet you All a Very Happy New Year!

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It’s just the second day of 2013 and I sure hope it’s not too late to greet all of you a Happy New Year! It’s been one heck of a 2012 for me and the site, there have increased in published articles, increased in pageviews and a lot of first for the blog. Let me tell you more after the break.

More articles this year
Last year I’ve published 42 more article than I did last 2011, 42 may not be much but considering how often I write last 2011, those 42 articles is already a months worth of writing for me. What I’m saying is that I won’t be able to write more articles if not with the help of Bryan, Fjordan and Abet, 3 of my semi-regular contributor and Adri a contributor based in California.

Of course you’re still welcome if you want to be a contributor/writer for KabayanTech, just shoot me a message on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or using the contact form here.

Some Metrics
analytics 2012
The year 2012 is already a year where the site have seen an increase in site visits; from 2,954 pageviews at the start of 2012 to 20,438 last December 2012, which is a big improvement, since the site was practically have below 500 pageviews at January 2011 and just 1,474 on December and it’s also good news when looking at unique visitors, since the site only had 1,737 Unique Vistors at the start of 2012 and last December it’s at 12,142 Unique Vistors.

Lots of First
Like what I posted above, 2012 is where I first crossed the 10k pageviews threshold and not only that, 2012 is when the site became a PR4 site and have been in the top 50 blogs of

I guess you can say that this posts is some sort of a report card showing the site’s current scores and improvement, this 2013 I sure hope I can sustain this growth and it would be a waste if I cannot continue growing the site, specially now that I’ve already crossed the 20k Pageview threshold.

Hopefully I can feature more Filipino start-ups, because I believe the the next “world changing” technology will be founded by a Filipino!

So to all readers.. I wish you all a Happy and Productive 2013!

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Last modified: January 2, 2013

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