UK base “The Apple Shop” Forced to Change Name

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applelogowebIt must be hard for stores or even shops to have “Apple” included in their name, specially if there’s an “Apple store” in the nearby town. Ok that must have rattled your brain for a minute but that’s what Geoff Fisher the owner of the UK base “The Apple Shop” felt when Steve Job’s Apple opened an Apple store in Norwich.

Fisher’s “Apple Shop” is not a computer store but a shop that sells products made from Apple, cider to be specific. The Apple Shop was opened at Wroxham Barns – a collection of shops near the Broads village – 20 years ago by Mr Fisher’s brother, Stephen, after he started up the Norfolk Cider Company in 1987. But when Apple (Cupertino) opened the Apple store in Norwich last 2009, calls kept coming-in (at least 29/day) thinking that they’re “THE” Apple Store that sell iPad, Macbook and iPhones.

Most of the calls were customer and tech related calls — “I’ve had complaints about broken iPods and dropped iPads and Apple Macs. It can be very funny, but some people are very rude and they slam the phone down,” he told the BBC.

“My telephone number has a Norwich prefix and so people unawares ring up the Apple Shop. All I can say to them is, ‘I’m very sorry, I cant help you, but please do come along and get some proper Norfolk cider to get over your sorrows’.” he added.

And even though Geoff Fisher did not receive any request from Apple to change their name and he even said that he had “a lot of respect” for the company, he just went a head and change it to Norfolk Cider Shop, just to stop all the calls from coming in and get a little peace and quite.

Image via The Apple Shop err.. Norfolk Cider Shop

Last modified: February 18, 2013

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