Is this the New Controller for PlayStation 4?

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ps4 controller

The Sony (2/20/13) event is just 4 days away and as expected more and more leaks and info about the Sony’s next-gen gaming console Playstation 4 are starting to come out. The latest is the picture of what appears to be a redesigned and reimaged controller of the soon to be announced gaming console.

The photo was first posted by Destructoid – gaming news and community site – saying that the photo was legit and it was confirmed by multiple sources but warned readers that this may not be the final product that will shipped with the console.

In the article Destructoid said…

This image looks like a PlayStation-style controller plugged into something that looks like a development kit.

It does look like a touchscreen has been worked into the middle of the controller. What’s that thing on the top? Also, get a load of those analog sticks. They look like belly buttons. Gross!

If this is the controller of the PS4 or not, I’m sure we hear more about it before the Feb. 20 event and if that is indeed a touch screen at the top middle of the controller, we may soon see a new breed of games once Playstation 4 or whatever Sony will call it becomes available.

Last modified: February 16, 2013

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