Rovio to Launch Angry Birds Toons

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Well this is something that I did not expect, Rovio the creator of that ever popular Angry Birds just announced that they’ll soon introduced Angry Birds the animated series. The first episode will be on the 16th of March and will feature new episode every week. Rovio said that the series will “throws the doors to Piggy Island wide open”.

It looks like Rovio is milking Angry Birds as long as it can and the animated series appears to be a vehicle to sell more toys than to sell more apps. As of January 2013, the Angry Birds franchise have more than 250 million active users and the animated series can help Rovio extract more revenue from those users even if they don’t download or buy any more apps. The show will be a web only series and can only be seen at the shows web site

Last modified: February 27, 2013

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