Samsung to intro Wifi-Only Model and Cheaper Galaxy Camera

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I thought that Samsung hit the nail with their Galaxy Camera and those enhancement that they made with their last update was just pushed the concept of an smart camera to a different level, but it looks like the high price tag did not appeal to buyers and would rather buy a low-end DSLR instead.

So Samsung went back to the drawing board and will be releasing a WiFi-only model (model number EK-GC110) of the Galaxy Camera, without the 3G/4G components, Samsung will be able to reduce the price and hopefully more people will be interested in getting a Galaxy Camera instead. The aside from removing 3G/4G feature the rest of the specs will remain the same.

So far Samsung did not provide any additional information regarding the price and availability of the Wifi-Only model of Galaxy Camera, and will most likely provide more information at this years Mobile World Congress (MWC).

The Samsung Galaxy Camera current retail price in the Philippines is Php23,990. You can read Samsung’s announcement here.

Last modified: February 21, 2013

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