Tech Companies does the “Harlem Shake”

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The Harlem Shake is taking the world by storm and there are news that it may challenge Psy’s Gangnam Style as “the new dance craze is sweeping offices, universities, and even a museum”, and if you search Youtube, Facebook and other video hosting site, you’ll find big and reputable tech company (even staff of Tech Sites) doing the Harlem Shake; there’s Facebook, Intel, Groupon, Google, Path, TechCrunch, Hufftington Post, Box, eBay, Linkedln and from Startup Weekend.

You can watch the video after the break.






AOL/ HuffPost



Startup Weekend

With a catchy name, danceable tunes and an easy to follow dance, heck you just have to dance move and follow the groove, this may give Psy a run for this money.

It’s great to see these big and respected Tech company show their candid side and telling us that they do know how have some fun.. once in a while. Now if only (Tech) company in the Philippines post their own Harlem Shake Video. 🙂

Last modified: February 16, 2013

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