Tech Tips: 3 Best Way to Dispose That Old Smartphone

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If you’re the type of person who always want to have the latest and newest smartphone, you are probably have a box full of phones, specially if you’re first phone was the Nokia 5110 or worst a corner of your room will probably look like the image above.

If you’re planning to do your spring cleaning and would want to get rid of those unwanted phones, here are some ways do dispose your old but still reliable smartphone. Yes the quickest way is to just throw them in to the thrash can, but that’s not the best way – environment and monetary wise. 🙂

Give it Away

If that old iPhone 3GS is in good condition, then you can just give it any family and friends who wants your phone. It’s also a perfect give to a nephew or niece who just graduated grade school or shot the winning basket at their Inter School basketball league.


Recycle is the first and the best way to get rid of that old smartphone, even if your phone is no longer working. Almost all major smartphone manufacturer have their own recycling program; Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and RIM BlackBerry.

The only problem with these recycle program is that you seldom see them in public places or you’ll just see them on a limited time. So far among the company that I mentioned above, Nokia is the most visible and I always see their recycle box in malls and public places.


Sell your Phone

This will be the part where you get to clean your room and earn a few bucks in return. If you plan to sell your cell phone, you will need to make sure your phone is in pristine condition and some buyers prefer that you still have the receipt and the box (why? – I’m really not sure).

You can auction them on eBay, create a free ad on sites like or sell your cell phone to online companies like Waypharer, who are will to take that phone off your hand and do the dirty job for you.

Which ever route you will take, you still surely get something in return;

  • If you gave it away or to someone – that person will never forget you as long as they’re using a phone.
  • Recycle – nothing more precious than a clean and green environment.
  • Sell your cell phone – You got rid of the mess in your room and you got few hundred bucks in return.

Of course these are not full proof way to dispose your old smartphone or cell phone and if you have other suggestion aside from the 3 that I mentioned above, you can add them to the comment box below.

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Last modified: February 21, 2013

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