Mozilla No Plans in Releasing a Firefox browser for iOS

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At this years SxSW in San Francisco, Mozilla’s VP of product Jay Sullivan said that the foundation has no plans in releasing Firefox browser for iOS, as long as they cannot use their own rendering engine.

TheVerge reports:

As it stands, all third-party browsers on iOS render websites using Apple’s UIWebView component, while Apple itself uses a different, faster JavaScript rendering engine called Nitro. Apple doesn’t expose the Nitro engine to third-party developers, and it doesn’t allow them to write their own, giving Safari a built-in speed advantage against other browsers on the platform, including Google’s Chrome. That just won’t do for Firefox, says Mozilla, which wants to bring over its own code, like the new IonMonkey engine found in the desktop and Android versions of Firefox. Mozilla isn’t swearing off the platform completely, though. Last year, the company showed off an iPad browser prototype codenamed Junior that used Apple’s UIWebView, saying “”there are a lot of reasons we should be on iOS even though we can’t bring our rendering engine there.”

The dilemma that Mozilla is facing is that they’re missing out to potential users who prefer to use Firefox instead of Safari or any of the current crop of browser available on the iOS Platform.

On the other hand it’s great for them to take a stand in the so-called “closed” iOS ecosystem that prohibits them from bringing full potential of Firefox browser to the iOS platform.

Source: Cnet | TheVerge

Last modified: March 10, 2013

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