Offerchat to Provide Free Live Chat Tools for Web sites

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offerchat-logoHere’s another Filipino startup that has an interesting business and revenue model. You see Offerchat is a live chat tool that businesses can use on their web sites to provide chat base sales and customer service to your users, and the company is allowing you to use their live chat tool for free. Yes that’s “F-R-E-E”…. Free!

The free that I’m talking about here is that you can use the service 100% free and not freemium where you can need to pay for a feature that you need later. Offerchat is a web base service which means you do not need to install any additional software on your server or web site plus its customizable, so you can adjust the chat UI to match your web sites look and feel, Offerchat will also provide you a website monitoring tool.

The company however has a revenue model where they provide outsourcing needs of any organization and the basic package is $99 per week and an Enterprise package that will give companies a dedicated 24/7 coverage.

The company was founded last August 2012 and even though they are in beta as of this writing they currently have 1000 active free users. OfferChat are originally created to be an internal tool to provide live chat services for the e-commerce site that are being run by Co-founder Jonathan Kennedy and his team before they decided to make it publicly available.

Source: TechinAsia

Last modified: March 31, 2013

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