OLX India – India’s Rising Free Local Classified Ads Platform

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Free Online Classified ads platform are gaining popularity these days, if you’re in India it’s OLX (pronounced as Oh-Well-Lex) India.

I remember a friend who actually have his buy and sell car business, setup on OLX. That’s where he finds the car to buy and that where he also sells those cars. Fast forward to 2013, I’m now in KSA and have a few Indian friend who works here, they also know about OLX it’s the OLX India. OLX is the world’s online marketplace for local buying, and selling, exchanging and communicating to other users. OLX is actually available in more than 100 countries like Australia, Brazil, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, Puerto Rico, Russia, Sweden, UK and US.. just to name a few.

Going back to OLX India, even though OLX have more than 100 site (per country) the thing is if you’re familiar with one OLX site then you should have no problem using OLX other sites – for me it’s olx.com.ph. There are two ways on you can use the site first as a buyer or hunting for items on sale and as a seller or as a poster.

Using the site as Buyer
For buyers you do not need to register an account, since user generated ads can be accessed even if you do not have an olx account. You can use the SEARCH bar to sweep the site and look for related ads or manually browsing the site by going to the category of the item that you are looking for, you can further filter the items display.

So if you’re looking for cars on sale, you can filter then by price range, Make or manufacturer, Year released, number of mileage (which I think is important), Condition (another important factor to consider when buying a car), seller type and Location which of course make sense, since you do not want to be buying a car that’s on the other side of the Country. Once you found the item that you are looking for,in my case a car then I just need to contact the seller using the contact information included in the post, if there’s no contact details (which is not advisable), you can create your olx.in account and send the seller a private message.

Using the site as a Seller
This of course the best part, since you’ll be using the site to earn some money. First you need to create an account then just click on the “Post a Free Classified Ad” button or post an ad anonymously, just choose a category where you want to post your classified ad and follow the process on the screen.

According to Alexa, Olx.in is currently one of the top 25 most accessed site in India and it’s one of the 3 site that provides e-commerce platform and it’s the only free local classified Ads Platform. To boost is popularity company is currently running a campaign and been running these TV ads in India.

Here are two of their latest TV Ad.

Note: I don’t speak Hindi, I included the videos just to show you the videos ads, if in somewhat you understand what they’re talking about, I’ll be more than happy to know, since the video really looks funny! 🙂

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OLX India – India’s Rising Free Local Classified Ads Platform

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