PNoy signed RA 10372 a.k.a. “Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines” into Law

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President Benigno Aquino III signed the RA 10372 a.k.a. “Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines” into law last February 28, 2013. The RA 10372 have recently became controversial because of the amendments made with the RA 8293 more specially the omission of key provisions on personal use or the Section 190.

via GMA News:

According to Section 190 of the unrevised Republic Act 8293, there is no need to seek permission from the copyright owner as long as the material is only for personal use, meaning it “is not for sale but for the use only of any religious, charitable, or educational society or institution duly incorporated or registered, or is for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for any state school, college, university, or free public library in the Philippines.”

RA 10372 will take effect 15 days after once it’s been published to at least 2 newspapers of general circulation.

The RA 10372 a.k.a. “Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines” have become the topic of Filipino bloggers specially those abroad because there are a number of items in RA 10372 that violates Bill of Rights, if not are down-right ridiculous.

I’m not a lawyer, so I may need sometime to digest RA 10372 and how it really affects us OFW, so if you have sometime and want to go through the newly signed law, I’ve embedded a copy below.

Source: GMA News | Raissarobles | interaksyon

Last modified: March 7, 2013

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