Smart Now Accepting Pre-Order for BlackBerry Z10

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A day after Blackberry Philippines officially launched their latest smartphone the BlackBerry Z10, Smart took to their FB Page to announce that they’re now accepting pre-order for the Blacberry Z10.

The Blackberry Z10 will be free to Plan 2000 but there’s a catch only the first 200 applicants will get the free unit. Smart also did not indicate as how you can place your pre-order, since I’ve checked their web site and see on mini-site to place your order online, so it’s looks like you need to go to the nearest Smart Store to do that. Another thing that’s unclear is how much you will need to cash-out if in case you did not made it to the 200 cut-off and other plan you can avail for the BB Z10.

Since we still have 8 more days before March 19, I’m sure Smart will provide more details regarding the different plans and will probably create an online form to place your pre-order (if its not too late already).

Last modified: March 11, 2013

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