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sulit is now getting 10 million pageviews per day, that’s means that at any given moment there are at least 117 people accessing the site. That’s what RJ David – Co-Founder and Managing Director shared in his announcement yesterday.

He also shared a number of metrics that will surely be the envy of most web site. is now receiving 10 Million pageviews on a daily basis. That is a solid 15% increase in pageviews as compared to the period prior our January 21 release of website improvements.

Next, is now getting more than 30,000 new ads posted daily. That is 3x more than our previous record of 10,000 new ads posted daily on the site last 2012. This increase simply shows that our website was able to attract more buyers which will eventually result to more sellers posting their products and services on Sulit. It’s a promising cycle as our system continues to get bigger and bigger.

Ealier this year rolled-out a number of site improvement which could have helped in achieving this milestone, at the same time RJ David announced that the site crossed the 2 billion pageviews for 2012.

Just to give you an idea why is the No. 1 free classified ads site in the Philippines, according to Alexa is the top 8 most access site in the Philippines beating twitter, wordpress, piratebay and instragram; and the only Pinoy made, Philippine based web site in the top 10.

Last modified: March 2, 2013

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