Twiter Users in Saudi Arabia Maybe Required to Use Their Real Name

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Here’s another one of those not-so-good-news that will greatly affect Twitter users in Saudi Arabia. Arab News is reporting that the government planning to end anonymity for Twitter users in the Kingdom by limiting access to the site to people who register their national identification documents or Iqama for Expats.

This reports came just days after a report saying that Saudi Government will ban VoIP Base Communication Software and Apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. if the developers or companies of these communication platforms do not provide a monitoring server by the end of this week.

Reuters is reporting that “security spokesman for Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry described social networking, particularly Twitter, as a tool used by militants to stir social unrest.”

If the Saudi Government will demand it, Twitter can actually setup something that will require Twitter user in KSA to link their National ID with their account, since this will just require engineers to just add a few lines of code and if you’re not doing anything illegal, I don’t see any problem in linking your ID with your twitter account. I actually use my real name on my twitter account.

Update: After publishing this article, I found out that the original report by Arabnews have been deleted. You can find a screen shot of the article here as well as the printed copy.

Source: Reuters | ArabNews

Last modified: March 31, 2013

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