Unknown BlackBerry Partner Purchases 1 Million Units of BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

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Yes, you read it right, a long time BlackBerry Partner purchased 1 Million Units of BlackBerry 10 Smartphones. This was announced by the company a couple of days ago and the Canadian smartphone manufacturer did not named who this long time partner is.

BlackBerry’s EVP for Global Sales Rick Costanzo said “An order for one million devices is a tremendous vote of confidence in BlackBerry 10 … Consumers are ready for a new user experience, and BlackBerry 10 delivers. With strong partner support, coupled with this truly re-invented new platform, we have a powerful recipe for success.”

The company will like tell the world who this long time partner is when they report their fourth quarter and year-end of fiscal 2013 on March 28, 2013. But considering how large the order it can either be a telco or a government agency that are already using BlackBerry Phones and are in the process of upgrading their system. You can read BlackBerry’s complete announcement here.

Last modified: March 15, 2013

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