Hoozin wants to bring Chat in our Mobile World

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If you’ve live and been surfing on the Internet as long as I do then you’re probably one of those who enjoyed chatting either on IRC, AOL, Yahoo and the like, now a startup is trying bring group chatting back in our now social and mobile world by releasing the group chat app – Hoozin.

In an email co-founder Udi Zohar said that “Hoozin is the first app where you can actually “hangout” with your friends – the unique design and UX creates a place where you and your friends are sitting around a table and you can (for instance) – play “spin the bottle”, throw stuff at each other and share your feelings with really cool animations, chat, share photos, vote on where to go etc.”

Hoozin brings a lot of the old chat features into the mobile space and also added some new features as well. Features like see who’s online and typing; send private message; share photos to the group; play hooz’it – a friends roulette where anyone can post a question and spin the arrow in order to pick someone randomly and if you’re chosen – you’re it!; cool animation; one on one SMS or texting and you’ll only be chatting to people you know, since the app will check for people who are in your contacts – Facebook and Twitter integration is current in the works.


The app is currently in public beta and currently available to all iOS and Android users. It’s the brain-child of Arnon Joseph CEO, Udi Zohar Marketing & Biz-Dev and Omry Levy CTO.

The company recently raised $750k from Explore Investment Group and the app was presented by Udi Zohar at the Startup Arena earlier this month in Singapore. Udi Zohar said that the company plans to release a number of games that can be played within Hoozin like “draw something for groups, charades, future teller (“8 ball”), card games and more…”

Bringing group chatting/ chatting at this time where social and mobile is a must is a very daunting and herculean task and if Hoozin can pull it off the dividends are high and they may just be able to make group chatting relevant again!

Last modified: April 25, 2013

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Hoozin wants to bring Chat in our Mobile World

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