Mozilla Celebrates 15th Anniversary then Releases Firefox 20 for Desktop and Updates Firefox for Android Users

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Mozilla recently celebrated it’s 15th Anniversary and to commemorate it’s 15 years of a better Web the organization the company published 15 facts about Mozilla and announcing the official twitter account of @Firefox and @Mozilla for those who want to keep tabs on the development of Firefox as well as news about the organization and to tell their #Webstory.

At the sametime Mozilla releases Firefox 20 for Desktop users and updated it’s Android App. If you enabled the Auto-update for your Firefox, you are most likely using it already.

Mozilla Firefox 20 introduces new features that will surely enhance your internet experience.

  • You can now close any plugins that causes your browser to hang without affecting the browser itself, which is great specially if you are accessing multiple sites at a time.
  • Private browsing per window – which means you can access a certain web site without saving any information about the site like cookies, download and history list info, form and search bar entries, cookies and cache.

  • New Download Manager that is now accessible on the navigation bar, it’s the large arrow pointing down beside the Home icon.

Firefox have been losing grounds to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox is hoping to regain some of it’s users even though the previous Firefox updates have failed to do so.

Just like the desktop version the Firefox for Android have features per-tab private browsing, Gingerbread and Honeycomb support for H.264/AAC/MP3 hardware decoders and support for ARMv6 powered smartphones. You can download the latest Firefox for Android via Google Play Store here.

Just in case, you can download Firefox 20 for Windows here, Mac here and for Linux users here. To download Firefox for another language other than English, you can go here.

Last modified: April 6, 2013

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