Rockmelt to Shutdown it’s Browser Development and recommends Google Chrome as a Replacement

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Rockmelt for Web

Rockmelt for Web

Rockmelt just announced that they’ll end-of-life the browser in the next several months and will be focusing on developing Rockmelt for Web which is a visual stream of the web content from different sources like your favorite sites, favorite people, and let’s you discover new contents via the Explore and Popular feed.

It’s also interactive that allows hashtags and @mention friends, as well as exploring categories and sources. You can actually request for an invite to the Rockmelt for web which is currently in private beta here or just download it’s iOS App here.

Admitting defeat in the browser way saying “Distributing a desktop browser is hard and expensive (especially if you don’t have an operating system or the world’s most trafficked website to promote it)” – referring to Mircrosoft’s Internet Explorer and Google’s Chrome browser, though I’m not sure why they did not mention Mozilla Firefox, since they’re similar in so many ways then later recommend Google Chrome which can be considered as it’s nearest relatives amongst web browser.

RockMelt browser the first “social” browser where you are always connected to your Facebook and Twitter account as well as always notified of new contents that are being shared within your social networks. The browser was created by Tim Howes and Eric Vishria, and later backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen.

RockMelt is based on Google’s open-source project Chromium (now on version 12) which is a cross-platform family of browsers (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) that uses the open-source web layout engine WebKit — the same engine used on Google Chrome browser and Apple Safari browser.

Whether Rockmelt for Web will gain more traction than the Rockmelt browser remains to be seen but at least this time they’ll have more time doing innovative stuff than keeping up to date with the latest build of Chromium which took 50% of its development time.

You can read Rockmelt’s complete announcement here and here.

Last modified: April 12, 2013

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Rockmelt to Shutdown it’s Browser Development and recommends Google Chrome as a Replacement

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