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merlion at resorts worldJust got back from our (5 days) vacation in Singapore and since I was with the whole family, the places that we’ve visited are mostly for kids and kids at heart, like Universal Studio, Underwater World, Skyline Luge, The Merlion Plaza, Songs of the Sea and a City tour that was included when our Travel Agent booked our hotel.

Anyway, once we’ve checked-in to our hotel room the first thing that I made sure was to make sure we have an internet connection, since that will our main communication to our relatives in the Philippines and other countries. I was gonna buy those prepaid SIM cards but it was not cost effective for me.

These is where I got my connection, paid Wifi connection from our Hotel which is SGD 10.00 per 24 hours of connection, the free Wifi at Changi Airport and a Wifi that I happen to catch on one of stop in Singapore. I performed a speedtest on all 3 and the results are something that I’m not used to.

Here’s what my internet was like when I was in Singapore:

This is my Wifi from the Hotel

This is my Wifi at the Hotel

WiFi at Changi Airport

WiFi at Changi Airport

This was the wifi connection from one of our stop and it's free

This was the wifi connection from one of our stop and it’s free

If I can get this kind of connection here in the Philippines, I will be in Internet Heaven!

Last modified: April 17, 2013

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This is My Internet in Singapore

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