Update: Multiply Gets a Facelift and Still Down!

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A day after posting article that is practically asking what happened to Multiply.Com. The site magically appeared is now up with its new logo and a cleaner look.

There’s a message from Multiply CEO Stefan Magdalinski that basically say “that the site have been redesigned from scratch and is now a full pledge e-commerce site and the roll-out of the new platform to the different from Stores is currently underway.

The site is obviously still not functioning properly and when you visit your favorite Multiply store or just click on any of the link or thumbnail, it still gives you this message, so it may take more time before the site is 100% functional and I’m not sure if store owner or admin will still have the patience to wait.

I’ve reached-out to Multiply for an official statement about the new site and as of this posting, I’m still waiting for a response.

Last modified: April 6, 2013

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Update: Multiply Gets a Facelift and Still Down!

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