Video: Facebook Home’s First TV Ad

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That was fast! Facebook just release their first TV Ad for the Facebook Home – which if you’re living under a rock was announced last 2 days ago. The phone (HTC First) itself as well as the Facebook Home app will not be available in another week or so, Facebook has already started their campaign to educate as many Facebook user as possible before it becomes available.

The video – which was also showed during their press event – is a cleverly produced and focuses on all the Facebook features and services that users love like photos, message, check ins and it even show how easy it is to LIKE a photo – which like what the video is saying makes your flight home a little less boring.

Since majority of criticism and question about the Facebook Home is pointed on how it disregards the Privacy of users, expect an ad about the topic in the coming weeks.

Last modified: April 7, 2013

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Video: Facebook Home’s First TV Ad

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