This will surely be music to the ears of (Nikon) camera Nerds, as Photographer Benjamin Von Wong on collaboration with Nikon Professional Services and Composer Andrew Kesler created a one of a kind music using nothing more than 14 Nikon dSLR cameras.

On his blog, Benjamin Von Wong said “By experimenting with the custom “CL-Continuous Low” settings, we were able to set the cameras to 1, 2, 3 fps, etc… which gave us a nice base to start off on.” and it’s Benjamin’s response to Canon’s Shutter Click video comparison but his work is much better, way way way much better.

Here’s the music video.

The Nikon dSLR cameras used in the video are not your usual low-end camera, they’re professional grade SRL and some of the most expensive Nikon camera in the planet, namely Nikon D800E, a Nikon D4, D700, D7100, D7000, D800, D3, D3s, D5200 (bronze), D600, and SB-900, and the estimated worth of the gear used in the video is $30,000 which is around SR 112K.

Here’s a behind the scene video on how they created the music.

Source: gmanetwork