also blocked in Saudi Arabia?

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It looks like the Saudi Government have completely blocked not only the Viber Service but all access to it’s web site. So if you’re in Saudi Arabia, you will not be able to access VIber’s website. When attempting to access the site, you will get the “Blocked URL” page, which means that the site have been blocked by the by the filtering system placed by the Saudi government.

The block would likely remain until the company “comply with regulatory requirements and rules enforce in the Kingdom”, which more or less Viber giving the government ways on how to monitor these encrypted communications. Viber recently introduced a paid service called ViberOut that lets Viber user call any non-Viber users’ phone numbers and vice versa. The ViberOut will surely be great communication tool for expats and OFW who are working in the Kingdom and are estimated to be more than 7 million.

A tweet from Viber Philippines, confirmed that there is indeed a block.

Last modified: September 14, 2017

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