PayrollHero Adds Karaoke Features To Their Payroll Platform

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Philippine-based PayrollHero just announced that they’ve added a karaoke feature to their online scheduling and attendance platform.

The company is calling it “Karaoke Clock-in,” that will play a song and let employees who are clocking in early sing along. The karaoke feature will be free to all PayrollHero clients but needs to be unlocked. The company said that they are waiting for interested company who wants this feature enabled in their system.

The Karaoke feature may look trivial, but small things like these makes working a little bit fun for us worker bees! If you’re a PayrollHero client and interested in using the “Karaoke Clock-in,” just leave a comment here, to be wait listed.

Source: PayrollHero Blog

Last modified: May 18, 2014

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