YouTube To Release A Child-Friendly App

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Youtube will release a child-friendly app for mobile device on Monday, February 23, 2015, and the new app will be called YouTube Kids.

First reported by USA Today, “YouTube Kids is the byproduct of input from in-house engineers with parenting credentials as well as third-party testers from organizations such as Common Sense Media.

Youtube kids app includes a number of parental control features like a timer, that shuts down the app after a certain amount of time, an option to easily mute or unmute a video, and a kid-friendly UI that removes viewer comments, because whether we like it or not, people will sometimes post explicit comment even if it is an Elmo video.

As a father of two, this is a welcoming news and way over due for Google, since I don’t want my kids to be watching less appropriate videos, specially when I’m not around.

The Youtube Kids app will initially be available for Android devices and in the U.S. only, and the move to release a kid-friendly app shows that Google wants Youtube to be a family centric service and not just the largest repository of online videos.

Last modified: February 21, 2015

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