European Wunder, a new ride sharing service in the Philippines.

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Dinzo Tabamo, writing for Top Gear Ph;

Meet Wunder, a new carpooling app from Europe. This is a true ride-sharing program, where car owners find passengers and vice versa.

Available in iOS and Android platforms, Wunder allows anyone to connect to people who are headed in the same direction. Users enter their home and work location, their typical commute times, and if they have a car or not. Once riders and driver are matched, the former will pay approximately P60 for a 15km trip, and the latter will take a small “convenient” detour to drop off passengers.

The article further explains that, “A driver can only make two rides per day: One going to work, and one going home.

I’m not sure if this will appeal to car owners, specially in the business point of view.

Last modified: March 30, 2016

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