ZipMatch closes Series A1 Funding Round led by Kickstart Ventures

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ZipMatch, Philippines’ real estate matching startup has received an undisclosed amount of funds for their Series A1 round led by Kickstart Ventures and Monk’s Hill Ventures.

In an article on Tech in Asia, Co-founder Chow Paredes said;

“We are dialing down our unit economics, sales processes, etc to achieve an highly efficient marketplace, and achieve a positive profitability trend. As such, our current focus is more on improving or developing products and product features for the people who are at the other end of the real estate transaction – the professionals. We believe that making quality home buyer-broker connections could be a catalyst towards a more robust industry. And for that to happen, it starts with how our professionals engage with potential home buyers. Our investors believe that this would be the right step to differentiate the business from the competitors.”

Monk’s Hill Ventures lead ZipMatch’s Series A around for $2.5 million with 500 startups last March 2016. The company also launched ZipMatch 360 Virtual Reality service, a VR experience that provides an immersive virtual reality experience of 300+ properties in Metro Manila, NCR, Metro Cebu and Bacolod.

Zipmatch is the 26th investment of Kickstart, the wholly-owned venture capital firm of Globe Telecom that invests in digital tech startups globally.

Last modified: August 29, 2016