Globe Telecom issue statement regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

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Two days after issuing a global recall of the just announced Galaxy Note 7, Samsung and Globe Telecom are working together in order “to voluntarily replace the Galaxy Note 7 of its customers.”

In their statement posted on their Facebook page, Globe said that all Note 7 ordered and bought from the telecom company will replace as soon as Samsung provides the replacement units.

Globe is also willing to “replace your Note 7 with another device as long as it’s available,” and that they will contact you directly within the next 3 days to know your preference. The telecom giant reminded those users who choose to keep using your Note 7, to take proper precautions, like using only the original battery charger that came with the unit.

Last September 2, Samsung issued a globe recall of the Galaxy Note 7 after receiving 35 confirmed cases that batteries of the Note 7 explodes.

As of this writing, the Note 7 pre-order page from Globe is still up and running, and still accepts pre-orders. I would assume they will take down the page within the week. Its unclear if Globe will issue a full refund to those who want to get their money back.

Last modified: September 4, 2016

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