Updated: Smart issue advisory on Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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It looks like Smart has issued a statement the moment Samsung issue the global recall for Note 7.

Here’s what Smart said;

In the light of the global announcement made by Samsung, Smart is taking the following actions:

1. We have stopped selling and releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note7.
2. We are requesting all our subscribers who purchased the handset from us to proceed to any Smart Store so we can assist them.

It’s unclear if Smart will issue a full refund but from the comments, it looks like Smart is willing to replace the Note 7 for “any” device preferred by the subscriber. The Note 7 pre-order page of Smart is still up but the features to place an order have been disabled.

Update: Smart just replied to my inquiry in getting a full refund, they said that they only offer a “device replacement”.

Last modified: September 4, 2016

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