This is what a smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 looks like

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Samsung is not having a good year, they just announced that they will stop the production of the Note 7 and at the same time will stop the sales of the phone globally, which is for a very good reason.

That is for the safety of consumers, here’s what Samsung said that “Because consumers’ safety remains our top priority“.

Now if you’re thinking, this will not happen on my Note 7, since I’m using the genuine charger and keep under 80% battery capacity, then you may want to watch this video (embedded below) of a Note 7 smoking.

Posted on the Youtube channel of Associated Press, it shows a Note 7 spewing out smokes.

From the description of the video;

Dee Decasa of Honolulu had just visited the Samsung website on her new Galaxy Note 7 when it began smoking Sunday morning.

So if you still have a Note 7, I strongly recommend that you go back to the store where you bought it and request for a refund.

Last modified: October 12, 2016

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