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After four years, I’m writing another introduction to my new blog. It’s not actually a new site its more of a new/old site, since the content of KabayanTech are still here even though I have a new domain.

Why extra.ph?
Like what I answered, when I asked, “why the new domain?” and “why extra.ph?”, I was looking for new domain that it easy to remember and something that does not have tech in it, since I’ll be publishing other non-tech articles on the site, plus opening it to other writers, though that’s for another time.

I originally thought of registering “extra.ph” but I was 2 days late in getting the domain and may be it was a blessing in disguise because I realize registering it as a “.ph” will give an impression that the site is only about the Philippines, and since “hero” movies and TV series are the trend nowadays, so I just registered extra.ph. I was going for the “.com” version but its for sale and I’m sure whoever is selling it will not entertain if my offer is only $50. 🙂

So here we are a new domain, I’m still using the same template, since I can modify it without any problem though I’m looking at a couple of themes that I may use as the permanent theme for the new site.

What’s in store for the readers?
Hopefully more content not just tech related article but I’ll be focusing on travel and lifestyle. Since I’m a sports fan, I’ll also write or link to different sports article from different sources. Then there’s the social aspect of the site, Philippines is the “social media” capital of the world, so let’s post your tweets, facebook and IG posts, to inspire and put a smile on people’s face.

In short, I’m relaunching NewsHero, as a social media blog, news aggregator focusing more on the tech and startup scene in Asia.

Last modified: October 24, 2016

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