What will be the impact of Philippine-US ‘split’ on the country’s startup community?

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Joey Alarilla, writing for e27;

“I have always believed that the Philippines could well become the next Silicon Valley,” Kevin Leversee, Co-founder of outsourcing firm TrustTeck, shared with e27.

“The future is in innovation and technology, and that is where we should focus. However, when everyone is nervous and uncertain, it does not help. In the BPO industry, some of my colleagues are nervous. There are plans to put up new BPO centres that have been put on hold — even big, new, shiny office buildings are empty inside. Everyone is waiting to find out what is going on.”

Leversee added that he loves the country and will continue to do business here — moreso that his two children are half-Filipino.

However, the same could not be said for some of his compatriots, who are looking to take their business elsewhere. “I am all for a strong Philippines, but we need to be more forward looking,” he concluded.

I’m pretty sure a lot of businessmen and entrepreneur share Kevin Leversee’s opinion.

Last modified: October 23, 2016

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